Just got my contributor copies of the July/August issue of Cicada! I was really excited to see awesome artists like Jon Chad and Anna Bongiovanna in there! What a treat and an honor. I wont be posting my comic for Cicada online for a while, so if you want to read it grab the magazine!

It looks like the July/Aug issue of cicadamagazine is out with my cover illustration and featuring lots of amazing comic artists.

Last summer while I was an artist in residence on the Chilkoot Trail, I collaborated with participants in Skagway, Alaska, on the trail and in Whitehorse, Yukon to create a large scale comic map of the Chilkoot Trail.

We used black markers, white copy paper, scissors, and post-it notes to draw various elements of the Chilkoot Trail including trees, plants, rocks, buildings, animals, stories, people, machines, weather and more. These elements incorporated different time periods of the Chilkoot Trail (pre-historic, pre-contact, Klondike, present-day, the future) as well as different locations (in the air, on the ground, underground). We then placed the drawings on the larger map with two sided removable tape and rearranged them with other participants drawings. I then scanned all the drawings, added some colour digitally and posted the trail online.